People do not want to come out of the house in the summer season, but even if some important work comes, then we have to go out in the sun. So in such a situation, it is important to know how to take care of the skin in summer. The sun snatches away our complexion and not only dulls our skin but also snatches away the moisture from it. This is the reason that if you do not protect your skin in summer, then wrinkles start coming on it. Take care of your face like this.

As we know that ultraviolet rays come out from the rays of the sun, which causes great damage to our skin. In summer, there is a lack of moisture in our skin, due to which the risk of wrinkles on our face increases. That’s why we must apply good quality sunscreen while going out of the house. Wrinkles lead to wrinkles in our skin and dark circles are formed under our eyes, due to which our skin looks very ugly. So in such a condition, special care is needed which we are going to tell you today, which is easy to do as well as very effective and it will give you a good idea of how to take care of your skin in summer.

Egg Face Pack:

An easy way to deal with the problem of wrinkles is to apply an egg face pack on your face. For this, you take an egg whose white part you apply on your face like a pack and wash the face after drying.

Consume citrus fruits and water:

Be sure to eat citrus fruits. In this season, many fruits are available in the market, such as grapes, oranges, lemon, etc., consume more and more because they contain vitamin c in more quantity, which prevents wrinkles from appearing on the skin and makes the skin another vitamin. helps in Drinking more and more water to keep yourself hydrated.

Face pack for skin coolness:

Sandalwood face pack protects your face from wrinkles and cools your face. Rubbing rose water on the face by making ice is also very beneficial. Cucumber is also available a lot in this season, try to apply cucumber on your eyes and face so that it can brighten the skin. By opening it removes the toxic things and also cures the stretch of the face.

Vitamin E capsule :

Vitamin E capsule helps a lot in reducing wrinkles and protecting the face from scratches. To make its face pack, put three capsules of oil in a bowl and add two spoons of curd and half a spoon of honey and half a spoon of lemon apply this pack on the face and leave it for ten minutes, then with a light massage. Take it off the face

Reduce the use of makeup:

During summer we should do minimal makeup and pay attention to the quality of the make up so that it is not sticky. For the glow on the face, you should wash the face with cold water in a short time so that the freshness remains on your face.

Never go out in the sun during the summer season, always cover your face and use a moisturizer so that your skin stays hydrated, and do not forget to apply sunscreen whenever you go out. You can apply some good night cream or coconut oil by cleaning your face while sleeping at night, it works to prevent the knives from coming on your face. Now after knowing all this, you know this thing. How to take care of your skin in summer which will keep you fresh. Stay connected with us & Write for us health!


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