Electricity has become so integral to our daily lives, it is easy not to think about it until it stops working. An unexpected loss of National Grid electricity, known as a power outage, can adversely affect everything, from cooking and working, to seeing at night.

Learn everything you need about power outages. From where and when they occur to how to mitigate them.

 1. Common Causes Of Rolling Blackouts  

Rolling blackouts or rotating outages are temporary, systematic power outages that balance the supply and need for electricity. Rolling blackouts are usually called for by the state agency that manages the power grid. Your electric utility will then temporarily shut down one area at a given time in order to reduce the duration of outages. Rolling blackouts are usually the last in a series of emergency procedures following a market shortage. These outages are usually not noticed by utilities.

The electricity supply margin can be low. This means that the supply of electricity is not sufficient to meet the demand. If this happens, the demand may rise and cause widespread blackouts. These temporary outages are designed to prevent people from suffering longer blackouts.

The severity of an event will determine the duration of a rolling blackout. Your New York electric utility will try to limit outages in each location. When the emergency is over, the rolling blackout will end.

The majority of affected homes will experience a blackout. Depending on where you live, some customers may experience multiple blackouts and others might experience none at all.

The electric utility will decide which circuits within their service area will be affected by blackouts. Rolling blackouts may not affect certain areas such as downtown areas or hospitals, but they might affect some areas.

 2. Power Outage Tips 

In case there is a National Grid outage, it is important to know what you should do. Rolling blackouts are more common during times of extreme weather so it is important to have a checklist and have your essentials on hand so you are prepared when there is a NY power outage. These tips will help you plan ahead and ensure that your family is ready for anything.

Assemble An Emergency Kit

  • A good emergency kit can provide you with all the tools you need in case of a power outage.
  • This is a great place to keep a spare flashlight or two, so you always have them at hand.
  • Buy a battery-operated radio.
  • Make sure you have enough batteries to power all your battery-operated devices during an outage.
  • Moreover, make sure to have plenty of non-perishable, ready food for the next few days.
  • Make sure to have warm clothes, blankets, and hand warmers in case of cold weather.

Keep In Touch During An Outage

During power outages in New York, cordless phones and extension phones that need to be connected to an electrical outlet won’t work. Only models that can be plugged in to the phone jack work. As long as the batteries aren’t running low and the antennas are not damaged by the storm, cell phones can be an emergency supply.

You can keep up to date with news outside the home by using a battery radio. You should always have spare batteries. Your car radio could be used in an emergency.

Turn Off Your Appliances

There are many good reasons to shut off appliances that were being used when the power went out.

  • There will be an electrical surge when power is restored that could cause damage to sensitive equipment such as computers, laptops, and televisions.
  • It’s easy to forget that an iron or stove burner was on during an outage. You can be a danger to your safety if you are away from home after the restoration of electric service.

The electricity required to restart appliances can be almost twice that of normal use. Consider how the A/C fan turns on and dims the lights briefly.

Install Smoke Alarms And Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Smoke alarms that have battery backup should be installed on all floors, including outside sleeping areas. Perform monthly testing to check the credibility of the alarms.

 Bottom Line 

These power outage tricks and tips will ensure you are prepared in case of an outage. You will have greater confidence that a power cut won’t endanger your family’s safety–and that you can minimize any possible threat–you can concentrate on what really matters: Your Family’s Safety.



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